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Vitreolysis - Treatment for Floaters


What are the floaters in my vision?

Many people experience floaters in their vision. Some will describe floaters as looking like strands, amoebas, strings bugs, dots, clouds or a moving haze. Floaters are usually caused by changes in the vitreous, which is the jelly in the back of the eye. In many cases, floaters represent aging of the vitreous; however, sometimes they can be caused by a bleed or inflammation within the eye which may indicate much more serious problems such as a retinal tear, retinal detachment or diabetic eye disease.

If you are experiencing sudden vision changes, it is important to contact your eye doctor right away. If after normal office hours, go to local emergency room.

When it is determined that your floaters are a result of aging, a treatment plan will be determined by your ophthalmologist at Hayden Vision - American Eye Institute. Sometimes you can just live with them. They may only be apparent with certain lighting conditions and you may adjust and learn to ignore them. Yet sometimes floaters may interfere with their ability to do certain activities. For these individuals, treatment is available.

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Vitreolysis Treatment for Floaters

A treatment that is utilized at Hayden Vision - American Eye Insititiute is laser vitreolysis. This is done with a type of laser called a YAG. This is an in-office procedure and will not cause pain. A lens is placed on the eye and the laser is administered. You will need to be dilated and the procedure takes about 15 minutes. In some cases, retreatment will be required. The laser vaporizes the floaters. Not all patients are candidates.

Possibe side effects are cataract formation or damage to the retina, these are uncommon. Your ophthalmologist will thoroughly discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure at your office visit.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at Hayden Vision - American Eye Institute today!